U.S. Capitol dome to be replaced – by fiberglas!

The 14-million-pound dome of the Capitol Building will be replaced by a fiberglas one that weighs only 70,000 pounds.

The 14-million-pound dome of the Capitol Building will be replaced by a fiberglas one that weighs only 70,000 pounds.

The cast iron dome of the Capitol Building in Washington – one of the most recognized symbols in the world – is so full of cracks that water is seeping in and could damage valuable artworks in the building. Weighing 14 million pounds, the dome could eventually collapse entirely if nothing is done. But rather than simply patch up the dome, which was constructed in 1861, engineers plan to completely replace it. The material they’ve chosen is not iron, or marble, or similar typical building material – the new dome will be made of high-tech fiberglas. “Fiberglas is stronger than steel, and lighter than aluminum,” said an architect working on the project. “Plus we can make it look exactly like the original dome. No one would ever know the difference – except that inside the building, some people might notice that the old echo is gone.” The Capitol dome project is expected to take two years and cost $60 million.

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Washington, D.C. revealed as giant hologram when power turned off!

Washington, D.C., without its  famous landmarks.

Washington, D.C., without its famous landmarks.

The government shutdown has resulted in a shocking development – all government buildings in Washington, D.C. were nothing but huge 3-D holograms. This was revealed yesterday when the shutdown forced power to the capital to be turned off. “The Capitol Building, White House, Treasury Building – all the major structures we thought were solid – disappeared,” said a reporter for the Washington Post. “Evidently the government has been operating from somewhere else, and no one knows exactly where. Those TV pictures from the White House and Congress apparently were all from studio sets. It’s like the Wizard of Oz, where Dorothy found out it was all smoke and mirrors,” the reporter continued. “Actually, this explains a lot.”

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Get your own Official Debt Ceiling Hammer!

Break the gridlock with your own Debt Ceiling Hammer!

Congress and the President are trying to hammer out an agreement on raising the national debt ceiling, but they’re getting nowhere. Now you can do the job yourself – with the Official Debt Ceiling Hammer! The Official Debt Ceiling Hammer works on any debt ceiling, from the one in your own home or town to your state capital – all the way up to the National Debt Ceiling! With the Official Debt Ceiling Hammer, you’ll be amazed at how you can quickly and easily hammer out an agreement between any parties – even ones that never say yes to anything! One look at the business end of your Official Debt Ceiling Hammer and they’ll know you understand the consequences of doing nothing – and are determined to do something about it! You’ll find yourself hammering out an agreement and smashing through the old debt ceiling in no time. No one else seems to have an Official Debt Ceiling Hammer – so now’s the time to get your own and get the country back on track!*


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