GM recalls other companies’ cars!

Dealers of competing cars are jammed with vehicles recalled by GM for no reason.

Dealers of competing cars are jammed with vehicles recalled by GM for no reason.

In a desperate attempt to boost their share of market, General Motors has begun recalling vehicles made by other manufacturers just to keep them off the road. “This is an unfair tactic,” said a spokesman for Toyota, the company most affected by the recall. “GM wants to be the leader of the industry, but they don’t sell enough cars, so they’re resorting to messing with us.” Dealers of competing cars – including Toyota, Nissan, Chrysler, Honda, Hyundai and Ford – are being swamped with vehicles that have been recalled for no reason. A spokesman for GM refused to comment on the allegations. “At the present time, we have the most cars on the road,” he said. “The competition is just jealous.”

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Ferrari lawn tractor goes 150 mph!

The Ferrari F55 Taglia is the world's fastest, most advanced lawn tractor.

Not to be outdone by Lamborghini’s new SUV, Ferrari is introducing the F55 Taglia, the world’s fastest lawn tractor – the first ever with a V12 engine. With its 400 bhp and six forward gears, the F55 is able to hit speeds of up to 150 mph, and uses a superfast GPS system combined with a series of computerized lasers that cut grass at the optimum height for your weather zone. The driver’s seat is a modification of the Recaro racing seat found in the Ferrari Superamerica racing car, and the advanced suspension can handle turns of up to 7g without spinning out. Handled properly, the F55 can mow an acre of lawn in 2-1/2 minutes, leaving it perfectly manicured and groomed. If you want to spend the minimum amount of time on lawn care, have a blast while mowing the grass – or just want to blow your neighbors’ minds – check out the F55 Taglia today.

Ferrari F55 Taglia lawn tractor, $57,000.

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