Send email – just by thinking!

With ThinkMail, you simply think your message, and it’s automatically sent by email!

Cognitive and machine-learning scientists at MIT have developed a way to control a computer with your thoughts – and their first product on the market lets you send an email just by thinking it! Called ThinkMail™, the device looks like an ordinary Bluetooth headset. When your laptop or smartphone is within 150 feet, the ThinkMail device will establish a connection and begin reading and analyzing your brainwaves. When it detects that you’re thinking of communicating with someone by email, ThinkMail opens your email app and contact information. To begin the message, simply think of the recipient, actually visualizing the person’s name. ThinkMail reads your thought and opens a new message to that person from your contacts. Using sophisticated algorithms, ThinkMail then turns your following thoughts into English and transcribes the sentences into the email program. You can view the message on your laptop or phone for accuracy, if you wish. Finally, simply think “send,” and ThinkMail sends the email. If you send many emails throughout the day, ThinkMail will save you hours of tedious typing.

ThinkMail Thought-controlled Email Module, $199.95

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Turn anything into a phone!

With a PhoneButton, you can make calls on a banana!

If you’ve ever seen the inside of a smartphone, you know how small the actual cellphone circuitry is – basically the size of a dime. Now you can buy a cellphone circuit and turn anything into a phone! Called the PhoneButton™, the circuitboard and components comprise a fully functioning phone, complete with earpiece and microphone. Insert a PhoneButton in a hat, a pen, a glove, a shoe, a tie, your glasses – even a fruit or vegetable – and turn it into a phone. You’ll think of hundreds of places you can put your PhoneButton, and never miss another call.

PhoneButton, $19.95

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Sarah – the Amish version of the iPhone’s Siri!

Like Siri, Sarah goes where you go, and answers any questions you have.

Siri, the voice-controlled computerized intelligent personal assistant app for iPhone is handy when you need information or directions. But what if you’re Amish? You still have questions and need answers, but you can’t have modern appliances of any kind. The answer is Sarah. Sarah is an intelligent personal assistant who actually follows you around and answers any questions you have. Want to know how far it is to the nearest church? Ask Sarah. Want to know which is the best kind of horse for plowing? Ask Sarah. Want to know what the weather is going to be, or if you have any appointments that day, or how rich was King Nebukadnezzer? Simply ask Sarah, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll consult the Bible that she always carries with her. Finally, Amish people can have all the information that other folks have – and still not have to leave the year 1850!

Sarah, the Amish Personal Assistant, $5.95/month

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New smartphone app asks YOU for help!

With Quiri, you can ask your smartphone anything – or it might ask you!

Personal voice assistants for your smartphone – like Siri for the iPhone and Speaktoit for Android phones – are great for answering questions. But they use tremendous amounts of bandwidth as they search through the Internet for answers. Now there’s a personal voice assistant app that uses crowdsourcing for its information. Instead of searching online, the new Quiri™ app asks other smartphone owners for answers. When you ask Quiri, for example, “When does City Hall close on Thursdays?”, Quiri will ask a smartphone user in that area, who will then respond with the answer. That means every once in a while, you’ll be asked by Quiri to provide some information that another smartphone user has asked for. It might be “What’s the population of (your town)?” Or “How many hours of daylight are there on October 19?” Or “Who was kicked off Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday?” Or even “How many nanometers are there in a cubic hectare?” Simply key in the answer, and Quiri will provide that information to the person who asked. Quiri will provide more up-to-date information than other personal voice assistants, because it asks people in real time – and one of them could be you!

Quiri for iPhone and Android, $9.95

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Can’t make it? Send a hologram of yourself!

This man singing at a wedding reception is actually a hologram, sent from 2,000 miles away by a smartphone app!

The next time you need to be in two places at once – you can be! Thanks to advances in holographic technology, you can use the video capability of your smartphone to send an actual 3D hologram of yourself anywhere in the world. The innovative app called HoloGreetings™ makes creating and sending your hologram easy. Now you can attend birthday parties, weddings, business presentations, family and company meetings of all kinds – even though you’re actually somewhere else. Your 3D hologram will appear to be you in every detail, including your voice. Sing Happy Birthday, make a presentation or speech, watch a school play, tell a joke, perform a magic trick – say and do anything you want with your hologram.* With HoloGreetings, you need never disappoint friends or family members again.

*Do not use your hologram to perform weddings, insult people, vote in an election, or for other inappropriate use.

HoloGreetings app for iPhone and Android, $9.95

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New smartphone app tells you if you should buy something!

Now you don’t have to spend time wondering if something is right for you – your smartphone will tell you instantly!

Do you often find great things in stores but take a lot of time deciding if you should buy them or not? Do you turn to a friend and ask if you should buy something? Now you can let a smartphone app make your decision for you! Get It! is an innovative app that utilizes artificial intelligence to determine if some item is right for you – or not. When you discover something you might be interested in buying, simply point your smartphone’s camera at the item and its price tag. Get It! will instantly access your photo history and determine what you own that you like, access friends’ photos on Facebook to see what they have, use a database of your likes and dislikes, access appropriate websites to see what’s in style, and check your bank account to see if you can afford the item. Get It! will then display either “Get it!”, “Don’t get it!”, or “Maybe later!” Get It! will save you hours of agonizing over items, especially if no friends are with you. Besides saving time, you’ll save money by not buying something that you don’t need, or that’s not right for you.

Get It! smartphone app for iOS or Android, $9.95

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Control the International Space Station – with your smartphone!

Imagine what you could do if you could control everything about the International Space Station yourself!

NASA engineers at its Ames Research Center have developed a way to control satellites with an ordinary smartphone. Out-of-the-box smartphones offer a wealth of capabilities needed for satellite systems, including fast processors, versatile operating systems, multiple miniature sensors, high-resolution cameras, GPS receivers, and several radios, plus anyone can operate them. As proof, NASA has upgraded the communications system of the International Space Station to allow for control by smartphone. Now, if you know the Space Station’s special phone number, you can control it with your own smartphone – and watch the result in real time! Spin the Space Station, tumble it, yaw it, extend and retract solar panels, raise and lower the temperature, open and close pod doors, fire the rockets that change its orbit – it’s all possible with your phone from wherever you are. Remotely controlling the Space Station is fun, a great science lesson for the kids – and it’s free! If you’ve got a smartphone, get the International Space Station’s special number – and get in on the action!


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Mayan calendar app lets you “carve out” appointments!

Mayan Year lets you keep track of your schedule beautifully – and no one else will be able to decipher it!

If you’re looking for a more interesting calendar app for your smartphone, check out Mayan Year™. Based on the ancient Mayan calendar, Mayan Year is unique among calendar apps. You don’t just click on dates and type in appointments or meetings – instead, you actually “carve” your information using your finger! The simulated stone on the screen will chip away, leaving you with a beautiful reminder of your appointment. Sure, it takes a little longer, but the result is absolutely stunning. Once you get used to the Mayan year, consisting of 18 months with names like Ak’b’al, K’an, Manik, Kimi and Muluk, each with 20 days with names like Zotz, Zec, Yax, Ch’en and Cumcu, you’re good to go. You can set reminder alarms that sound like someone blowing a ram’s horn, a crowd chanting, or a virgin being tossed into a pit. The only downside to this wonderful calendar is that you can’t schedule anything after December 21, 2012 – that’s when the world will end, according to the Mayans. Until then, make good use of Mayan Year – the most gorgeous calendar app ever!

Mayan Year, for iOS and Android, $2.99

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New “Dillinger” app robs banks by smartphone!

Now you can rob a bank from anywhere!

The International Hackers’ Association has just released a smartphone app that makes robbing banks easy – it’s all done online! The new app called “Dillinger” searches online for a small, local bank with weak security, then uses specially-developed hacker algorithms to break into it and siphon off a specified amount of cash. Then the app opens an online account at a different bank and deposits the money. It then provides you with the account information so you can withdraw the cash anytime you want. Dillinger leaves no digital trail, and its operation involves no gunplay or hostage-taking, so it attracts no attention. Dillinger is not available to the general public – you must be a certified criminal to download it. But if you do have a criminal record, especially one involving theft or robbery, you’re in luck. Put away your rubber mask, your gun and your “This is a robbery” note – now you can rob banks with no risk at all! Apply to download Dillinger today!

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Unique smartphone helps you work out!

The Curl looks like a normal smartphone – but it weighs an amazing 12 pounds!

You carry your smartphone everywhere you go, and use it often – making calls, updating your Facebook status, checking sports scores and weather predictions, playing games, listening to music and more. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get some exercise while you were doing all that? Now you can, thanks to an innovative smartphone called Curl™. The Curl is an advanced Android-based phone that features lightning-fast web browsing, remarkable picture quality and seamless gaming visuals thanks to the powerful quad-core processor. Its 10MP camera captures every detail (even in low light) with crisp, vivid photos. It even lets you take a photo while shooting HD video. But the Curl also helps you work out all day long – because even though it looks like a normal smartphone, it weighs twelve pounds! Every time you raise the Curl to your ear, you’re working out. Simply switch arms every so often, and by the end of the day, you’ll have lifted hundreds of pounds – a real workout without taking any extra time! Order your Curl today – and start getting in shape!

Curl Smartphone, $199.95

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