Sarah – the Amish version of the iPhone’s Siri!

Like Siri, Sarah goes where you go, and answers any questions you have.

Siri, the voice-controlled computerized intelligent personal assistant app for iPhone is handy when you need information or directions. But what if you’re Amish? You still have questions and need answers, but you can’t have modern appliances of any kind. The answer is Sarah. Sarah is an intelligent personal assistant who actually follows you around and answers any questions you have. Want to know how far it is to the nearest church? Ask Sarah. Want to know which is the best kind of horse for plowing? Ask Sarah. Want to know what the weather is going to be, or if you have any appointments that day, or how rich was King Nebukadnezzer? Simply ask Sarah, and if she doesn’t know the answer, she’ll consult the Bible that she always carries with her. Finally, Amish people can have all the information that other folks have – and still not have to leave the year 1850!

Sarah, the Amish Personal Assistant, $5.95/month

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New smartphone app asks YOU for help!

With Quiri, you can ask your smartphone anything – or it might ask you!

Personal voice assistants for your smartphone – like Siri for the iPhone and Speaktoit for Android phones – are great for answering questions. But they use tremendous amounts of bandwidth as they search through the Internet for answers. Now there’s a personal voice assistant app that uses crowdsourcing for its information. Instead of searching online, the new Quiri™ app asks other smartphone owners for answers. When you ask Quiri, for example, “When does City Hall close on Thursdays?”, Quiri will ask a smartphone user in that area, who will then respond with the answer. That means every once in a while, you’ll be asked by Quiri to provide some information that another smartphone user has asked for. It might be “What’s the population of (your town)?” Or “How many hours of daylight are there on October 19?” Or “Who was kicked off Dancing With The Stars on Tuesday?” Or even “How many nanometers are there in a cubic hectare?” Simply key in the answer, and Quiri will provide that information to the person who asked. Quiri will provide more up-to-date information than other personal voice assistants, because it asks people in real time – and one of them could be you!

Quiri for iPhone and Android, $9.95

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