Roadside trash discovered on Saturn’s moon Titan!

Saturn's largest moon Titan – the only place besides Earth with roadside trash.

Saturn’s largest moon Titan – the only place besides Earth known to have roadside trash.

NASA scientists have revealed that Earth is not the only place with plastic trash. NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, circling near the planet Saturn, has detected the key ingredient of plastic trash – polypropylene – on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. “Where you find polypropylene, you find food containers, garbage bags, and even car bumpers,” said a NASA spokesman. “We know trash like that is found everywhere on Earth, even in the middle of the ocean. What we don’t know is how that trash got to Titan.” Scientists speculate that the trash was ejected by an earlier spacecraft from Earth, visiting extraterrestrials, or even life on Titan itself. “Trash means civilization,” said the spokesman. “The only other explanation is that roadside trash is spontaneously generated on its own. That would explain why the Earth is covered with it – and why we’ll probably find it everywhere in the universe.”

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Own the most exotic lakeside property of all – on Titan!

The view from Lake Cassini on Titan is the most gorgeous in the solar system!

Astronomers examining images from the interplanetary spacecraft Cassini have discovered something completely unexpected – a huge lake on Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. Named Lake Cassini, this lake is half the size of Utah’s Great Salt Lake, and it’s located in the most desirable and hospitable area of Titan – the tropical equator. Composed of colorful liquid methane and backed by mountain ranges, with Saturn’s rings and eleven other moons in the sky, Lake Cassini is one of the most beautiful areas in the solar system. That’s why real estate operators have already carved up the land around the lake into properties that range from 1 to 5 acres in size. Lake Cassini lakeside property is destined to gain in value thousands of percent as the area is developed – and you can get in on the ground floor! Buy a lot on Lake Cassini today, and you’ll have something you can keep and pass on for generations. Some day, you may be able to visit the property and build a vacation home – but even if not, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing your investment will pay off big time. Check out the free brochure on Lake Cassini and marvel at the incredible views. But hurry – the most gorgeous area of the solar system is bound to go fast!

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