Apple buys FBI!

Apple's Tim Cook announces Apple's latest purchase – the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Apple’s Tim Cook announces Apple’s latest purchase – the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Fed up with the hassle of being asked by the FBI to create a “backdoor” in iPhone software that would let them snoop on people’s private information, Apple took the unprecedented step of buying the law enforcement agency. “Normally, Federal agencies aren’t for sale,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “But we’ve got so much money, we can do what we want. Now at last we can find out how the FBI cracked that one guy’s iPhone in San Bernardino, and Apple customers will rest assured that never again will the FBI or any other law enforcement agency be able to repeat it.” Cook wouldn’t say how much Apple paid for the FBI, but it’s rumored to be around $5 billion. All Cook would say about the price was, “It’s worth it.”

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Forgot where you put the car keys? Ask the NSA!

The NSA records every move of every American on these massive data servers at their headquarters.

The NSA records every move of every American on these massive data servers at their headquarters.

It was recently revealed that the nation’s super-secret spy organization, the National Security Agency, has not only been keeping tabs on your email and online viewing habits – it uses sophisticated technology to record every aspect of your life. Millions of hidden video cameras in walls, light fixtures and even overhead drones follow every single American every minute of the day, and it’s all recorded and sent to NSA headquarters outside Washington, D.C. While this means that the government can identify and track the activities of potential terrorists, it also means your life has been totally recorded for the last eight years. On the surface, this may seem alarming, but if you haven’t been doing anything illegal, you’ve got nothing to worry about. In fact, the NSA allows people to listen to or view their recordings – so if you’ve forgotten where you put your car keys, or what you wife asked to you to get from the store, or even the details from an important meeting you had at work, you can simply call up the NSA and they’ll play back the relevant tape. You can even ask for copies of a family gathering or vacation you didn’t get good pictures of.

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