Desktop iPhone to complete Apple product lineup!

Its 27-inch screen lets the iPhone Desk display dozens of apps.

Its 27-inch screen lets the iPhone Desk display dozens of apps.

Apple now makes powerful desktop computers, laptops, ultra-light laptops, tablets and new iPhones that are basically pocket computers. The only thing missing was a desktop machine that can make phone calls – until now. This morning Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in a special call to investors that the technology company will be introducing the iPhone Desk, the world’s first desktop smartphone. With its 27-inch screen and running the new Apple operating system called Mavericks, the iPhone Desk combines the versatility of an iPhone 5s with the raw power of a Mac Pro 12-core desktop computer, giving it unprecedented capabilities – such as the ability to make 1,200 FaceTime phone calls simultaneously. Cook wouldn’t say when the iPhone Desk would be on the market, but Apple watchers estimate that the device would be ready by Spring.

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Diesel-powered cellphone never needs batteries!

The Kimilsung, the world’s first diesel-powered cellphone, eliminates the need for batteries!

In an amazing leap of imagination, North Korean cellphone maker Ponghwa Revolutionary Industries has created a cellphone called the Kimilsung that never needs to be recharged. That’s because it has no batteries – it derives its power from a miniature diesel engine inside the phone. The new Kimilsung can be operated in temperatures down to 40 below zero, when batteries simply give up. To start the phone, you open the choke, pull the cord until the engine starts, then adjust the choke until the phone runs smoothly. While the engine does make a bit of noise during calls, you can easily raise your voice to be completely understood. The Kimilsung operates on a proprietary closed communication band and will not be available to Korean citizens, but was designed to be utilized by the Korean People’s Army in the mountain areas of the country. It will also be exported to other countries to compete on the world phone market and demonstrate the superiority and originality of North Korean technology. If your cellphone batteries are always running down, or if you work in places like Antarctica, check out the new Kimilsung phone.

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Turn anything into a phone!

With a PhoneButton, you can make calls on a banana!

If you’ve ever seen the inside of a smartphone, you know how small the actual cellphone circuitry is – basically the size of a dime. Now you can buy a cellphone circuit and turn anything into a phone! Called the PhoneButton™, the circuitboard and components comprise a fully functioning phone, complete with earpiece and microphone. Insert a PhoneButton in a hat, a pen, a glove, a shoe, a tie, your glasses – even a fruit or vegetable – and turn it into a phone. You’ll think of hundreds of places you can put your PhoneButton, and never miss another call.

PhoneButton, $19.95

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