China claims Great Pacific Garbage Patch as Chinese territory!

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a mass of plastic and other debris that some say is the size of Texas.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a mass of plastic and other debris that some say is the size of Texas.

Not content with building artificial islands in the South China Sea to expand its influence in the area, China has claimed that the Texas-size floating mass of plastic, sludge and refuse known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is actually Chinese territory. “We have examined the items in the patch and have determined that most are Chinese products exported overseas,” said a spokesman for Beijing. “Therefore we claim the patch as our territory, which we will use as a base for building airstrips, harbors, and other facilities. We warn nearby countries that this new Chinese territory includes fishing, mining and mineral rights for two hundred miles in each direction.” Nations in the South Pacific, including Japan, Korea, and the Philippines are rushing to file lawsuits in International courts to dispute China’s claims. “We are afraid China will work to solidify the Pacific Garbage Patch and build missile bases, submarine bases and other military installations to threaten the area,” said a spokesman for the Japanese government.

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Make millions – buy ocean real estate now!

Floating cities like this will soon cover the world’s oceans!

In the year 2050, the population of the Earth will reach 10.5 billion people – so many that experts think we’ll run out of room to live and grow food on the Earth’s land. Architects are planning even now for massive cities designed to float on the surface of the ocean – cities complete with homes, malls, factories, farms and more. This new development will make ocean real estate extremely valuable – and as of today, more than twelve miles outside any continent, ocean real estate is not even being sold! This creates a tremendous opportunity for you to jump in to a wide open real estate market, potentially making billions of dollars. Open Ocean Real Estate is offering 1-acre lots in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean for just $10,000, and in the Pacific for $12,000. These acre lots are fully surveyed, and you will receive all rights, including mineral and air rights. When floating cities are built, the ocean real estate they’re floating on will be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Now’s the chance to profit from one of the great overlooked opportunities in the world’s real estate industry – the open ocean!

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