Earthquake creates new Mediterranean island – complete with tacky gift shops!

Cruise ships wasted no time in visiting the newly-created island in the Mediterranean.

Cruise ships wasted no time in visiting the newly-created island in the Mediterranean.

A powerful 7.7 earthquake shook the Mediterranean Sea just off Turkey, shifting buildings and rattling windows as far away as Pakistan. The undersea quake was so powerful, it sent up millions of tons of rock above the surface to create a completely new island within just a few minutes. Scientists who visited the new land mass reported that it was a fully-formed Mediterranean island, complete with trees, scenic cliffs, a deep bay with natural docks, and even an area of gift shops filled with merchandise like fake luxury watches. “Now we know how these things develop,” said one scientist. “We used to think these islands developed over thousands of years, but apparently they pop up in an instant.” The unnamed island is only three days old, but already cruise lines are adding it to their itineraries.

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Help prevent devastating earthquakes!

An earthquake of this magnitude need never happen again!

The power of an earthquake is expressed by the Richter Scale, developed in 1935 by Charles Richter. Unfortunately, the Richter scale is open-ended, which means there’s no limit to the devastation an earthquake can cause. Every additional number represents a huge increase in damage. This carelessness is completely unacceptable. The Limit Earthquakes Now Society was formed to bring an end to the Richter Scale madness by limiting the scale to 1- 3. That means no earthquake could ever be more than a 3, which does little damage, and is hardly even detectable. This new Limited Richter Scale would prevent major earthquakes from ever happening again, which would bring a sigh of relief to those living in earthquake-prone areas such as Turkey and Japan. In fact, Californians would be overjoyed to know that there never would be a Big One! Join the Limit Earthquakes Now Society and do your part to help make sure devastating earthquakes never happen again.

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