Desktop iPhone to complete Apple product lineup!

Its 27-inch screen lets the iPhone Desk display dozens of apps.

Its 27-inch screen lets the iPhone Desk display dozens of apps.

Apple now makes powerful desktop computers, laptops, ultra-light laptops, tablets and new iPhones that are basically pocket computers. The only thing missing was a desktop machine that can make phone calls – until now. This morning Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in a special call to investors that the technology company will be introducing the iPhone Desk, the world’s first desktop smartphone. With its 27-inch screen and running the new Apple operating system called Mavericks, the iPhone Desk combines the versatility of an iPhone 5s with the raw power of a Mac Pro 12-core desktop computer, giving it unprecedented capabilities – such as the ability to make 1,200 FaceTime phone calls simultaneously. Cook wouldn’t say when the iPhone Desk would be on the market, but Apple watchers estimate that the device would be ready by Spring.

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Get used to Windows 8 – fast!

Windows 8 will have you scratching your head – until you get used to it.

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 8, is a break from the past. Until now, all Windows versions built upon the previous one, so you could transition to the new version seamlessly. Now, that’s all changed. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s way of coping with the changing landscape of computing – unlike previous versions of Windows, it will run on desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets. So now, instead of the typical Windows desktop screen with its familiar Start button, you’re faced with an array of colorful “tiles.” To open an application, you “peel off” the tiles, arrange them into a picture of what you want to do, then “paste” the tiles into position. These pictures are known as “mosaics,” which you can save in “frames” on your “wall.” Scroll through your walls and view your mosaics, and you can modify them to perform different functions, clicking on different areas. With a bit of programming, you can actually create a way to open your email or Office application with only a few clicks and swipes! With Windows 8, you’ll be able to use your desktop machine as a tablet, a smartphone as a mouse, and a tablet as a high-tech paperweight. If you’re used to previous versions of Windows, you’ll need to get familiar with Windows 8, and the fastest way is with our book, This is Windows 8 – Get Used To It!, which will have you coping with the new operating system in just eight weeks.

This is Windows 8 – Get Used To It!, 842 pp., $49.95

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