Build your own quantum computer!

If you've got an ordinary set of tools, you can make your own quantum computer in your basement!

If you’ve got an ordinary set of tools, you can build your own quantum computer in your basement!

Unlike ordinary computers, quantum computers use subatomic particles to perform their calculations. Even the simplest quantum computer is thousands of times faster than the most powerful traditional supercomputer. Quantum computers are being used to design aircraft, model weather patterns and solve massive problems all over the world – and now you can own one. If fact, you can build one yourself! Even though they operate on exotic principles, making a quantum computer is easy. We’ll give you complete instructions, plus your first month’s worth of “qubits” – the tiny particles that do all the work! If you’re good with your hands, have a rudimentary knowledge of arithmetic and understand the properties of subatomic particles like superposition and “spooky action at a distance,” you’ll have fun building your own quantum computer to solve your most complex problems. Get started today!

“How to Build a Quantum Computer in Your Spare Time,” $49.99

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Sharp introduces world’s largest tablet!

The Sharp Equis features desktop power, plus cell phone capability.

The Sharp Equis features desktop power, plus cell phone capability.

Using technology it gained from its large flat-screen TV’s, electronics maker Sharp has created the world’s largest tablet computer. Called the Equis, the new tablet measures a full 30” wide – yet weighs only 12 pounds. “We felt existing tablets were too limiting,” said a Sharp spokesman. “With the Equis, you can be much more productive, and do anything you can do on a desktop computer – even use it as a presentation device – yet carry it with you.” The Equis is also the first tablet to feature 4G technology, allowing you to use it as a cell phone to make calls from anywhere.

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Desktop iPhone to complete Apple product lineup!

Its 27-inch screen lets the iPhone Desk display dozens of apps.

Its 27-inch screen lets the iPhone Desk display dozens of apps.

Apple now makes powerful desktop computers, laptops, ultra-light laptops, tablets and new iPhones that are basically pocket computers. The only thing missing was a desktop machine that can make phone calls – until now. This morning Apple CEO Tim Cook announced in a special call to investors that the technology company will be introducing the iPhone Desk, the world’s first desktop smartphone. With its 27-inch screen and running the new Apple operating system called Mavericks, the iPhone Desk combines the versatility of an iPhone 5s with the raw power of a Mac Pro 12-core desktop computer, giving it unprecedented capabilities – such as the ability to make 1,200 FaceTime phone calls simultaneously. Cook wouldn’t say when the iPhone Desk would be on the market, but Apple watchers estimate that the device would be ready by Spring.

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Google announces a $20 laptop – made of cardboard!

The Chromeboard is the cheapest way yet to connect to the Web.

In their quest to provide the cheapest, most portable platform for their Internet services, the folks at Google have outdone themselves. Introduced yesterday, the new Chromeboard laptop is a fully-functioning computer with screen and keyboard, manufactured in a completely new way from recycled materials. The electronics are simply printed on cardboard, a thin battery is glued on, and the cardboard is then folded and sealed. The screen, made of recycled glass, is also printed with electro-reactive ink that produces a bright display, and the keyboard is printed with proprietary touch-sensitive materials. Running Google’s Chrome operating system, the Chromeboard, which sells for an amazing $20, is designed to connect to the Internet for all its computing and storage, making it one of the most advanced devices ever produced. Google expects families will own dozens of Chromeboards and leave them around the house for any computing they need to do.

Google Chromeboard laptop, $20.

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New Chinese supercomputer is made of food!

The Sunway Bluelight MPP is a new supercomputer cooked up by Chinese scientists.

China’s newest entry in the world of supercomputing – called the Sunway Bluelight MPP – is one of the fastest computers in the world, able to perform 1 trillion operations per second. The secret to this amazing speed is the number of home-grown Chinese components – and their composition. Due to a lack of silicon in China, and the desire to create a computer that reflects Chinese culture, the Chinese have developed a method of using food to form the basis of most internal components. For example, the 6-nm wiring is based on fried noodles, 20 million transistors are formed from cashew nuts, 150 terabytes of memory are stored in modified mushrooms, and the 1,700 motherboard subunits are made from egg roll skins, doped with oyster sauce, sesame pasta and ginger. This incredible advance in computer technology results in a world-class computer that – when it’s outmoded – can be eaten, rather than trashed. You can make a home version of this Chinese food computer by following a simple recipe provided by one of the computer scientists. Fry up your own computer today – and thank the Chinese for their tasty contribution to the world of computing!

Chinese Food Computer recipe, $19.95

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