Britain’s military makes war fun again!

The RMS Boaty McBoatface heads for the Arctic to attempt some serious research.

The RMS Boaty McBoatface heads for the Arctic to attempt some serious research.

When the British public was asked to name the country’s newest high-tech arctic research ship, presumably with an historic or impressive name, someone suggested “Boaty McBoatface.” Thanks to British sense of humor, that name won over thousands of others. Unfazed, the country’s military is aiming to use public participation to name its newest weapons, and people are happily responding. The leading name for Britain’s latest attack fighter jet is “Shooty-Shooty-Bang-Bang.” The newest aircraft carrier is to be named “HMS Winky Dink.” And the leading name for the country’s new battle tank is the “Captain Crunch.”

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Help save the ultra-rare arctic panda!

In the only known photograph of a rare arctic panda, a male is seen searching for its favorite food, which is rapidly disappearing due to global warming.

When it comes to endangered species, none is more so than the arctic panda. So rare that only two people have ever seen one, the arctic panda is threatened not only by the retreating arctic ice, but by the scarcity of its favorite food, eucalyptus lichen. This lichen grows only on granite rocks, which are falling through the melting ice and become unreachable for the pandas. At the present time, the population of the arctic panda is estimated to be less than 30, and scientists are predicting the extinction of the arctic pandas in five years if nothing is done. The Save The Arctic Pandas organization is developing an alternate food source for these endangered animals – eucalyptus cough drops coated with whey protein. The STAP is planning on delivering hundreds of pounds of this nutritious food to the pandas, but they need more eucalyptus drops. If you have any eucalyptus cough or throat drops, or even eucalyptus candy, you can send it to the STAP – and know you’re helping save the most endangered species ever. Get more details on the STAP website.

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